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Who Are You Going to Listen To?

I received some interesting responses to my blog post from last week. Seems like there are many people who want to discover their ‘salt and light’ and use them for the betterment of society. Let’s face it, we all want

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I Am Not a Salesperson

Recently my voice mail and email boxes have been filling up with messages from recruiters from insurance organizations. Apparently they think I’d make a great salesperson for their respective products. Uh. No.

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What is a Good Mom?

Recently while having coffee with one of my very good friends, we were speaking of our mutual parenting challenges. After a bit of a rant about the frustrations I’m experiencing with my son and his attitude towards his college classes,

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From LLC to Mom Incorporated

Purposeful Parent Tip: Opportunity Awaits You Behind Every Door if You Are Willing to Open It (Note: This is the fifth in a series of posts about the speakers scheduled for my upcoming Mom to Mompreneur Now! Tele-summit starting on

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When Your Email Account is Hacked…Again

Purposeful Parent Tip: Unclutter your email box and you unclutter your life. Recently, my Yahoo email account was hacked…for the second time. This annoying situation nearly sent me over the edge the first time it happened. The second time, I

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“It’s Just a Little White Lie!”

Purposeful Parent Tip: Strive to tell the truth to your children at all times. They know when you’re lying anyway! “Is that left-over macaroni and cheese?,” my son asks. “No,” I say, with my fingers crossed behind my back. Ok…you

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We’ve all heard that people come into our lives for a reason. For a long time, for me, those “people” were friends, colleagues, DMV personnel, bank tellers, and customer service reps at the utility companies. You get the idea... (read more)
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