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angel-book-baby-journalBuy both books … two unique gifts for the new parent. My Life Baby Journal and Frittabello and his Angel. $24.95 plus s/h.

My Life baby journal

My Life Baby Journal Record the story of your child’s life and create a keepsake that your child will treasure forever! The award-winning My Life baby journal provides parents the opportunity to become your child’s own biographer. Unique guided messaging inspires you to record all the special moments in your child’s life making the My Life baby journal your child’s book for life. Only $21.95 plus s/h.

Frittabello and his Angel Book Cover Frittabello and his Angel Written by Jennifer Covello, “Frittabello and his Angel” is a sweet and inspiring story about a young soul, Frittabello, making his way to earth. With the help of his special guardian angel, he learns how to listen to his inner voice to choose his earth parents and begin his life’s journey. This story is sure to inspire every parent as they welcome their new little one into the world as well as remind us all to listen to our own inner voice. Only $5.00 plus s/h.

About Jennifer Covello

We’ve all heard that people come into our lives for a reason. For a long time, for me, those “people” were friends, colleagues, DMV personnel, bank tellers, and customer service reps at the utility companies. You get the idea... (read more)
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Frittabello and his Angel

Jennifer Covello, Author

A children’s book telling the story of a little soul making its way to earth and learning how to rely upon his guardian angel.


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