Missed Opportunities

Purposeful Parenting Tip: Learn who your parents are while they are still here.

Today is September 6. My mom would’ve turned 89 today. I miss my mom. I miss our Friday night phone calls. I miss her fried chicken. I miss her saying “Oh my Lord!” when she was surprised by something. I miss her hugs. Continue reading

I’m Not the Cool Mom…or Am I?

Purposeful Parenting Tip: You’re not supposed to be a cool parent, but a good one.

Recently, I saw a commercial for Capri Sun juices where two moms are on a bus full of kids debating who the cooler mom is. (See commercial here). They each point out the various things that make the other a cool mom, and of course, one outshines the other with each accomplishment. Continue reading

What’s Your Name?

Purposeful Parenting Tip: Know who you are so your children will know who they are.

Growing up, I did not like my name. No one had the name “Jennifer”. In fact, I was the only “Jennifer” throughout my entire school career until I became a senior in high school. To add insult to injury, my last name was no picnic either. “Lamendola”. Yeesh! Continue reading

Monkey in the Middle

Purposeful Parenting Tip: Eliminate the Non-essential Tasks and Live Life!

One of my New Year’s promises was to redecorate my home. I said goodbye to the bold hues of red, gold, and green that colored the first floor of my home for nearly seven years and welcomed the more calming and modern colors of beige, blue, and brown. Continue reading