Need a Do-Over?

You may be thinking I’m off my rocker wishing you a Happy New Year on Easter Sunday. No, I’ve not taken a trip back in time (though wouldn’t that be nice?). I’ve not been dipping into the “Mommy’s Time Out” pinot grigio (that may come later!) So, why am I taking this odd turn on this beautiful Sunday morning? Continue reading

What’s (child’s name) doing?

Since my son’s basketball season has started again, I’ve been running into many parents of the kids I’ve watched play ball for years. I see so many of these young men looking very grown up and “manly” having lost their boyish looks. It’s pretty cool but sad at the same time because it’s likely I won’t see them again and won’t ever know how their lives turned out. Continue reading

Am I Selfish?

Seems like my life is full of busy-ness lately. As a single parent, my life always leans towards the hectic side, but recently, it’s been dialed up a notch or two. Both of my teenaged kids are busy with activities, school, college preparations, and even driving lessons for my son. Combine that with me having a full-time job and taking care of a house – tilt! I’m on overload. Continue reading