How a Groundhog Turned into a Raccoon

be anxious for nothingA few weeks ago, my son came into the house explaining that a creature had run across our deck while he was shutting off the sprinkler. My first words of “What did it look like?” were met with a response that resembles so many teenager responses, “I don’t know.” Read more ›

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It’s the Process…Silly!

my waysI’ve written many times of my disdain for “middles”, “in-betweens”, otherwise known as “the process”. As you know, I’m a goal-oriented person and once I envision the goal, I want to see it come to fruition. Oh, and if it happens quickly, even better!

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Hi Dad…It’s Me

Dear Daddy,

It’s Father’s Day and since I sent Mom a virtual Mother’s Day card via a blog post, I figured I’d better do the same for you – just to keep things even. You may be thinking, “But you sent me a card already. And, uh…not to state the obvious but I’m still alive.”

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Better Than a Hallmark Card

wise speech proverbsIt’s amazing how life works sometimes, especially when you’re a parent. You spend years raising your children, teaching them good values, showing them the ropes and hoping they turn out to be productive, happy adults. Read more ›

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Alternators, Air Conditioners & Accidents

proverbs as a man

 My astrology-minded peeps have been sharing some interesting information about the recent planetary activities in our galaxy. I’m not sure if it is these retrogrades and new moons that have caused my life to be topsy-turvy these past weeks, but let’s just say, it’s been chock full of activity.

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What Are You Afraid Of?

fearfully madeThe prevailing topic in my home these days is driving. My son’s re-invigorated interest in learning to drive occupies nearly every conversation we have on a daily basis. He’s had his permit for about two years but has not had the motivation to get his license until recently. Read more ›

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We’ve all heard that people come into our lives for a reason. For a long time, for me, those “people” were friends, colleagues, DMV personnel, bank tellers, and customer service reps at the utility companies. You get the idea... (read more)
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