What’s (child’s name) doing?

Since my son’s basketball season has started again, I’ve been running into many parents of the kids I’ve watched play ball for years. I see so many of these young men looking very grown up and “manly” having lost their boyish looks. It’s pretty cool but sad at the same time because it’s likely I won’t see them again and won’t ever know how their lives turned out. Continue reading

Am I Selfish?

Seems like my life is full of busy-ness lately. As a single parent, my life always leans towards the hectic side, but recently, it’s been dialed up a notch or two. Both of my teenaged kids are busy with activities, school, college preparations, and even driving lessons for my son. Combine that with me having a full-time job and taking care of a house – tilt! I’m on overload. Continue reading