Ask and You Shall Receive…But Maybe Not How You Expected

Purposeful Parenting Tip: Embrace Opportunities to Work Out Weak Parenting Muscles

Before I had children, I remember my mom saying to me that she didn’t think I had enough patience to have kids. While at the time, I thought this was a criticism and I was offended by it, I later realized it was so much more. Continue reading

Thanks Bruno Mars!

Purposeful Parenting Tip: “You’re Amazing…Just the Way You Are”. Believe this.

The Bruno Mars lyrics mentioned above in my Purposeful Parenting Tip are what was placed on my heart this morning as I worked out.  I hit a major milestone recently in my workout which made me think of this song. Continue reading

Guilt? Schmuilt!

Purposeful Parenting Tip: You were not born with guilt. Don’t live with it either.

Fall is definitely in the air. The view from my home office window paints a portrait of orange, red, gold, and yes, even a little green to remind me that summer has not completely left me.  Thanks to the warm weather we’ve had here in Connecticut, even my summer flowers are hanging on to the bitter end. Continue reading

Pancakes or Waffles?

Purposeful Parenting Tip:  Match your words to your actions.

Are you a waffle or a pancake? Odd question, I know, but this analogy came to me the other day during my commute to work in thinking about the importance of being consistent in parenting. So why the comparison to two well-loved breakfast foods? Continue reading